HyperX Cloud Flight vs Arctis 7

Gaming peripherals are very popular due to the increasing enthusiasm for the hobby. Besides the basic mouse and keyboard, gaming headsets like HyperX Cloud Flight Vs Arctis 7 are also desired to upgrade the playing experience as well as improved performance on the microphone side. If you prefer to game silently or need to communicate with the team, these two are budget friendly but still very reliable. Before deciding to choose one, pick which of them will fit you the most here.

In this article, we are going to give you information about:

  • Gaming Headset Vs Headphone + Microphone
  • What are HyperX Cloud Flight and Arctis 7
  • What HyperX Cloud Flight and Arctis 7 Look Like
  • How are the Sound Quality of HyperX Cloud Flight and Arctis 7
  • How are the Microphone Quality of HyperX Cloud Flight and Arctis 7
  • What else HyperX Cloud Flight and Arctis 7 can offer
  • Are HyperX Cloud Flight and Arctis 7 Comfortable
  • HyperX Cloud Flight Vs Arctis 7

Gaming Headset or Headphone and Microphone

PC gaming can be very costly, you need to spend on the proper CPU to play the games that you want, the video card to serve the best quality, and a great monitor to finally enjoy their amazing graphics. All of them when combined can be very expensive depending on how you built them but, while everything sounds and seems already perfect, now we still have to deal with the output especially the audio because without a reliable speaker/headphone/headset, we can’t listen to the sound.

Gaming hardware is everywhere, they are covering anything you want and anything you need from the center CPU to the integral part of the computer like keyboard and mouse. Gaming mouse like Razer Diamondback Vs Lancehead are affordable options for your increased gaming experience and a keyboard like Apex 3 and Apex Pro will also make the gaming more comfortable and efficient. Now comes the headset which affects the sound coming out of the CPU and it can be great or awful depending on the hardware used to listen to it.

In general, we have two options when it comes to headset for gaming purpose and it is between a regular gaming headset and a regular headphone combined with an external microphone. The choice always depends on the player based on what they want to achieve but, both setups also have the pros and cons to consider. Starting with gaming headset, their main benefit is compact and all-in-one solution with both headphone and microphone built in the unit. They are also comfortable for prolonged use due to the nature of gaming itself. 

Gaming headset also have various features, most prominently surround sound which is achieved mainly through the software. The drawback is often on the sound quality because they are tweaked for gaming purposes only hence, they are not as attractive in audiophile ears and also sometimes can be overpriced. As for separate setup of headphone and microphone, sound quality is exactly what you can achieve better here. For example the ATH M50X is an amazing headphone for the price, combined with Yeti, we get a solid setup.

HyperX Cloud Flight Arctis 7
Product Dimensions7.5 x 3.4 x 7.4 inches
7.8 x 6.9 x 3.6 inches
Shipping Weight1.3 pounds
12.5 ounces
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They are not only amazing for gaming but also great for music listening session and even recording or streaming content. The drawback however, not only the cost can add up quickly depending on which unit you pick up, they are not convenient to transport as well. You can’t use them together while walking around or getting up and pouring water from the kitchen sink, unlike with a headset. Regular headphones also doesn’t have this gaming “aesthetic” and mostly looks serious that won’t match with common RGB gaming setup.

About HyperX Cloud Flight and Arctis 7

If you are here then it means gaming headset fits your application the best and many of us also stick with this option because of the convenient benefit and for those who also love listening to music, we prefer to use a different headphone or speaker for the purpose. You will not find the gaming headset section lacking in any budget range from those cheap, starter products to those cost at hundreds of dollars but when it comes to sound, things can be very subjective too.

Talking about gaming headset, you will recall some reliable brands as well and among those many options, HyperX and SteelSeries will be two of the best companies to choose from. These brands are very much well-known in the gaming industry especially PC gaming section with their amazing products and competitive price range. Besides gaming mice and keyboards, they also have gaming headsets to consider which many people seem to love due to their sound quality and just overall performance.

Today we are talking about the famous HyperX Cloud Flight and Arctis 7 from SteelSeries that are equally coming in between $100-$150 price range. Cloud Flight itself is the first wireless gaming headset from the company to expand its collection in affordable gaming headsets that can be late but nonetheless still a very worthy opponent to beat by other companies. One of its opponents is Arctis 7 which is entering the market in the same year and coming from SteelSeries, many can already guess its performance.

Both HyperX Cloud Flight and Arctis 7 are equally made for PC and PS4 platforms so those who are using Xbox may want to look somewhere else. They are marketed in the same price range, often praised as two of the best options in this category and outside for gaming purposes, they seem to be decent as well for daily use of music listening. Overall, you will not be disappointed with either of them yet, they do have some differences.

HyperX Cloud Flight and Arctis 7 Design

In the box, you will get the same content from the actual headphone, their own USB dongle, cable to use these headsets in wired mode, and a charger to refill their batteries. What’s different between the two is that you can remove the boom mic from Cloud Flight’s main body while Arctis 7 has the built-in design yet, this is retractable and adjustable as well to follow the angle you want. Side by side, HyperX passes as regular headphone easily when you remove the mic.

Build quality wise however, we do think SteelSeries makes its headphones slightly better as it has better material and overall feels sturdier than Cloud Flight. It also has this unique elastic strap on the headband which looks like those in ski goggles. It has breathable ear cup padding fabric instead of fake leather on the other. Hold in each hand, it is easy to tell that the Arctis 7 is heavier and slightly bulkier than HyperX.

HyperX Cloud Flight and Arctis 7 Sound Quality

As for any audio gear, their sound quality will be the most important among all and in this side both HyperX Cloud Flight and Arctis 7 are a decent headphone with a fairly neutral sound for gaming purpose. However, they are also not identical and side by side, it seems that the Cloud Flight is offering a sharper treble range while on the other hand the latter is boomy and can be a bit muddy on the lower frequency or bass portion.

Sound is very subjective but we personally like the HyperX better because the extended bump on Arctis 7, while giving you a deeper bass increases the muddy sound which is inevitable and it makes the experience less enjoyable. However, the former also shows a big bump around 10kHz which may add sibilant or make those S and T sounds a bit sharper and sizzly.

HyperX Cloud Flight and Arctis 7 Microphone

The next part we want to talk about is their microphone performance and in general HyperX Cloud Flight and Arctis 7 are good sounding, very clear and crisp. They also have identical frequency response up to 2kHz and they also have flat, extended bass to produce full-body sound. What’s different is the former is actually more neutral sounding when listened without any sound in which the latter is brighter, probably to help you cut through the game audio better yet with the cost of overly bright sound for some.

HyperX Cloud Flight and Arctis 7 Features and Software

Moving further, let’s talk about their features prominently about the control you have physically on the unit and cutting short, Arctis 7 is easily better than Cloud Flight. HyperX only put a very minimalist control of volume wheel, microphone button, and power button to turn the headphone as well as changing the LED color option in which can be deactivated to keep the battery twice as long. SteeSeries is thankfully addressing the lacking here with a dedicated button for mixing when you are talking through the microphone while listening to the headphone.

In addition, as gaming peripheral, another point we often consider is their software but, there is no competition here as HyperX doesn’t pair their Cloud Flight with amazing software like those by Razer and here you can only see battery percentage which is not very needed. Arctis 7 on the other hand uses its own app support SteelSeries Engine. Here we can get a parametric equalizer with presets, DTS sound, monitoring and microphone volume control. Additionally, we can create custom configuration and save it for quick change.

HyperX Cloud Flight and Arctis 7 Comfort

The last point we want to mention is their comfort level and this is necessary as we will be wearing these headsets for hours in most cases. The issue with Arctis 7 is that it doesn’t have the traditional adjustable headband which makes it a bit tighter on the user’s head especially if yours is bigger since it can cause quite pressure over time. HyperX is more comfortable for long sessions but for the ear cups padding, the breathable fabric of Arctis 7 does feel more cushiony.

HyperX Cloud Flight vs Arctis 7

HyperX Cloud Flight and Arctis 7 are amazing headsets for the price point both in comfort and audio quality. Their differences are the latter actually has better build quality, better built-in control with various useful functionalities, sounds good, but has a boomy and muddy bass portion. The Cloud Flight is what we think as better sound quality but, it doesn’t have software or enough functions on the unit.

- Gaming-grade 2.4GHz wireless connection, with up to 30 hours of battery life
- Signature HyperX comfort and immersive in-game audio
- Durable, adjustable steel slider
- PC, PS4, and PS4 Pro ready
- Designed for gaming, the 2.4g connection delivers rock solid
- Widely recognized as the best mic in gaming
- Sound is your competitive advantage with the s1 speaker drivers
- Immerse yourself in 360 degrees of precision audio with next generation DTS headphone


It is difficult to choose between these headsets as none of them are perfect but, if you will be using the new headset only for gaming, we do recommend to get Arctis 7 from SteelSeries as it is more convenient for this type of application while the sound quality itself is quite good.