Hyperx Alloy FPS Pro vs Corsair K63 

Using comfortable keyboards whether during your work or gaming is an important thing. If the keyboard doesn’t meet our expectations, it will ruin our work or our gaming time. Choosing gaming keyboards will good for you because it is working perfectly during your gaming or woks.

There is a lot of gaming keyboards in the market that offers specific features. That is why we are so confused to pick which one is the best. So, here we have the Hyperx Alloy FPS Pro and the Corsair K63 as the best choices for you. If you wonder which one is the best, let’s see the review below. 

Hyperx Alloy FPS Pro

If you are a gamer, then you should be knowing the Hyperx Alloy FPS Pro so much. yes, this keyboard has the quality that no gamers will ever doubt it. The Hyperx Alloy FPS Pro has a perfect feature that every gamer wants. The shape and size from this keyboard have a perfect fit that matches you.

The Hyperx Alloy FPS Pro is a mechanical keyboard type that will give you a different experience while gaming. It offers the quality and functional design that will support your performance. The package of the box is in red and black color and it shows the elegant looks. The size and the shape are sturdy enough to support your gameplay. Read also: Redragon K552 vs Corsair K55.

The Hyperx Alloy FPS Pro builds with good solid steel material. It has 87 smooth keycaps with Cherry MX red, blue, and brown switches. The bumpier feels so perfect while you use the keyboard. It has a smooth sound so it doesn’t bother your gameplay or work needs.

The steel frame durability comes from the Hyperx Alloy FPS Pro makes it more sturdy than any other keyboard on its class. The metal material on top of it makes perfect to ensure a stable platform of this keyboard. It has an ultra minimalistic tenkeyless (TKL) design that ideal for the FPS keyboards types. 

The Hyperx Alloy FPS Pro offers the FPS space-saving TKL technology. It has a smaller footprint without a number pad which can maximize the keyboard space for a mouse. It makes easier for the mouse’s movements and enables it for the FPS player type. It will bring the player to achieve more experience and improves their game expert.

The Hyperx Alloy FPS Pro comes with a detachable USB cable that can reduce the storage bulk or any damages. The dimension of the keyboard is 14.10 x 5.10 x 1.40 inches and 1.80 pounds. These are so light weightier types of keyboards that everyone’s love. The price starts from US$59.99 on Amazon which is so relatable with the completes features.

Corsair K63

The Corsair K63 is a gaming mechanical keyboard that has a precision size that fit for every gamer. The size comes from the sturdy material with the tenkeyless design mix with Cherry MX Red mechanical switches. This technology will keep the performance of the keyboard always perfect for gaming or office needs. 

The key on the Corsair K63 appears an LED backlight with a red color that gives the dynamicity and virtuality. The keyboard will give ultimate unlimited lighting and it can be adjusted easily into whatever brightness of light you need. The light is brilliant and makes the design look amazing.

The key switches from the Corsair K63 offer 100% Cherry MX Red with mechanical keycaps type. The gold contact already appears on it so that makes the keyboard deliver ultimate performance. It brings the competitive features that make you have less worry about your technical gaming. It helps you through finis the game with the best performance. 

The audio control of the Corsair K63 comes with adjustable audio right on top of it. These features give you the best control of volume or any sounds during your gameplay. The power provides the CUE technology that programmable to assign the Macross of the key. Besides, it also can create the dynamic of the lighting effects on the keyboard.

The keycaps of the Corsair K63 complete with 100% anti-ghosting features with full key rollover. It ensures you to get an accurate command and simultaneous keyboard. The per-key lighting controls and large keycaps font makes the keyboards perfect through its performances. It will make your gaming or work feel great in a different experience that you never have.

The key lock mode comes from the Corsair K63 is perfect to prevent the distraction during the gameplay. The quick response from this keyboard makes it stand from any other keyboards in its class. The USB port is in a perfect position so that will not bother your performance during gameplay. The detachable wrist available on its, so you can play the game for hours without any distraction.

The dimension of the Corsair K63 comes in 14.37 x 6.73 x 1.61 inches and 3.10 pounds. The price on Amazon starts from US$59.99. It makes the Corsair K63 becomes gamers favorite. 

Hyperx Alloy FPS Pro vs Corsair K63 

- Ultra minimalistic ten keyless (TKL) design ideal for FPS pro
- Cherry MX mechanical key switches
- Portable design with detachable cable
- Game mode 100 per cent anti-ghosting and N key rollover functions
- 100 percentage Cherry MX Red mechanical key switches
- Per key red LED backlighting and large font keycaps
- Compact, ten keyless design: It's great for travel, and you'll have more room for your mouse
- Dedicated volume and multimedia controls: Control to adjust audio on the fly without interrupting your game

Which One Do You Prefer?

When comparing a mechanical gaming keyboard, the quality for giving an optimum performance is a must to have. That is why after getting the review above, we conclude that the Hyperx Alloy FPS Pro has a better quality of performance rather the Corsair K63. This bright verdict happens because there is no problem while using the Hyperx Alloy FPS Pro during along gameplay.

The Hyperx Alloy FPS Pro has more reliable keycaps with the tenkeyless features than the Corsair K63. It is more responsive, reliable, and resilient in the Hyperx Alloy FPS Pro. These features make it more accurate to get a response. It makes easier in the gaming movements or even finish your office needs. 

The functions features on the Hyperx Alloy FPS Pro has better performances without any distraction during gameplay. The Cherry switches rapidly registering every keycap on the Hyperx Alloy FPS Pro that combines with the gradual grips make it better than the Corsair K63. That is why the Hyperx Alloy FPS Pro becomes the better keyboard you should pick to enhance your performances.