Glorious make excellent switches and keyboards, such as the GMMK Pro Vs GMMK 2. As close siblings, you will see many similarities in both models, including the switches they may come with and the impressive build quality from the brand. However, there are also some differences to affect your decision because the choice can be subjective, so let’s see what the two can offer, the differences, and which fits you best.

In this comparison, we will talk about the following:

  • What are the GMMK Pro and GMMK 2?
  • How is the Design of GMMK Pro and GMMK 2?
  • What is the Switch in GMMK Pro and GMMK 2?
  • How is the Typing Experience with Switch in GMMK Pro and GMMK 2?
  • How is the Software for Switch in GMMK Pro and GMMK 2?
  • Switch in GMMK Pro Vs GMMK 2
  • Which Glorious Mechanical Keyboard to Buy?
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About GMMK Pro and GMMK 2

The keyboard is a crucial input for your computer because this is where we can interact with the software, and every time you press a key, a particular command goes to the processing system. The best part of a keyboard is that it can be easily replaceable. Even if you use laptops, you can still use an external keyboard to improve the ergonomics. Modern tables are also Bluetooth-compatible with various wireless keyboards to improve productivity. The keyboard is also crucial for the gaming experience, where ergonomics and performance are the primary concerns. Read also: GMMK Pro Vs Keychron Q1.

Modern gaming keyboards are mechanical and usually hot-swappable, like the GMMK Pro and GMMK 2. The layout is also smaller because you may not use the rest of the keys or map the keyboard to access the same function. These keyboards are compact models, but the GMMK Pro is a larger variant because it is a 75% keyboard, while the GMMK 2 is a 65% model. The choice is subjective because not everyone prefers the most compact keyboard, and overall the GMMK Pro has more to offer.

One of the reasons you may want to get the GMMK 2 is the price point because it is cheaper than GMMK Pro. You also get the same PBT keycaps and connect to the computer via a USB cable. This keyboard offers a higher value if you dont need the additional keys and features on the GMMK Pro, especially the knob, because the keys and switch are very similar, including the build quality and software support. Both keyboards also come with the same Fox linear switch from Glorious.

GMMK Pro and GMMK 2 Design

Because the main difference between GMMK Pro and GMMK 2 is the styling, the GMMK Pro is a bit deeper in dimension due to the addition of the F keys. Another difference is the build quality because the GMMK Pro is top-notch with an aluminum base and frame. At the same time, the GMMK 2 has a polymer bottom and aluminum case, making the keyboard slightly lighter. In addition, the GMMK Pro is available in the barebone version if you want to buy the switch and keycaps separately.

GMMK Pro and GMMK 2 Switch

Most enthusiasts also see what switch the keyboard comes with because it is a plus if they already have your desired switch pre-built to cut the cost. Because the GMMK Pro and GMMK 2 are close siblings, you can expect they also have the same switch, and in this case, the Fox linear or red switch from Glorious. This switch is good for those who want the fastest and easiest response to press because it is light. This switch is also good for typing because it doesn’t create too much noise.

If you don’t find the linear switch pleasant because it doesn’t have that satisfying click, worry not, as both keyboards are hot-swappable, meaning you can pluck the keycaps and switches and then place another switch, such as the tactile brown from Glorious. This is one of the best tactile switches with consistent performance and manageable noise levels. You can also put other compatible switches from different manufacturers on these keyboards.

GMMK Pro and GMMK 2 Typing Experience

Next, we want to see the typing experience with GMMK Pro and GMMK 2. The GMMK Pro uses PBT keycaps, which you often see in this price range, but it is always better than the usual ABS keycaps that slipper and wear fast. The matte finish is also soft, so they feel comfortable on your fingertips. The surface is not flat but slightly concave where your fingers land, improving the typing experience. However, the keycaps are different the more you see into them.

The GMMK 2 is a lower model, and as expected, it uses ABS keycaps which is fine, but it is inferior to the PBT and a bit slippery if you type faster. The RGB lighting also comes through the keycaps’ lettering, making the keyboard too bright for some. As for the RGB placement, we prefer the GMMK Pro because it is only around the key and is better for those who often type in a dark room so that the lighting won’t be too offensive. Read also: GMMK Pro Vs Keychron Q3.

GMMK Pro and GMMK 2 Software

Lastly, we want to see the software to customize these keyboards. Because the GMMK Pro and GMMK 2 are similar models. Both keyboards are compatible with Glorious Core software which is easy to use and allow you to customize the keys as needed, including changing the RGB lighting and programming the encoder for GMMK Pro. Glorious claimed integration between the keyboards and software is better now. However, some people may still face the same issues, such as being unable to recognize the keyboard on some operating systems.


The GMMK Pro and GMMK 2 are close siblings, so that they may look similar but with some differences. The GMMK Pro is the higher model, and it has better build quality with an aluminum base and frame instead of just the frame. The GMMK Pro also has PBT keycaps, improving the typing experience and durability. The RGB lighting is programmable, but the GMMK Pro is milder and less offensive. As for the design and features, the GMMK Pro is a larger keyboard with a programmable encoder.

- Premium Design: Gasket-mounted, 75% percent fully modular, tkl hot swappable keyboard, built for everyone. Compatible with QMK & VIA opensource firmware. Also compatible with Glorious Core software.
- Gasket Mounted Plate Design: Naturally dampens keystrokes for a unique haptic and acoustic typing experience. Pre-lubed screw in GOAT stabilizers.
- CNC Aluminum Case: Individually Machined and Engraved - Aesthetic High-Profile Frame - High-Quality Aluminum. Create a custom mechanical keyboard 75% design
- Custom Lighting: Signature Side Lighting Panel - Fully programmable 16.8 million color RGB - Custom Per-Key RGB
- Glorious Fox Red Switches -Quick with a linear style. Lubricated for a silky smooth press and satisfying sound. Rated for a 50 million keystroke lifespan.
- ABS Gaming Keycaps - Subtly textured for a reliable grip. Double shot fonts never fade and allow the board’s per-key RGB backlighting to shine through.
- Metal Keyboard Top Frame -Sleek low-profile design with a premium brushed finish. Totally covers the board’s surface for maximum strength, durability, and weight.
- 16.8 Million Color RGB -Toggle between 18 pre-installed lighting effects using shortcuts. Customize bright per-key backlighting with optional software.


The decision is yours because we may have different preferences. We suggest getting the GMMK Pro because this is the overall better choice as a higher model, both on the build quality and features. However, the GMMK 2 is still a good keyboard; you can customize its switch or keycaps later. Overall, these keyboards are equally good options depending on your preference because the price is also different.