E Revo vs Revo 3.3

Traxxas is indeed one of the most renowned brands when it comes to quality RC trucks and vehicles, but Traxxas’s Revo models are especially very popular on the market. Traxxas Revos models are loved by many because they are durable and highly customizable. In the following article, we will discuss the about Traxxas E Revo vs Revo 3.3. The two are available in a similar price range. However, they have very different features and designs that make them more suitable for different people.

Source of Power
First of all, you should know that E Revo and Revo 3.3 require different sources of energy. Traxxas E Revo runs on batteries. It can use either NiMH batteries or LiPo batteries. At first, using batteries may seem like a simple yet very convenient option. This is true in a sense that you won’t have to deal with fuel spills and the likes. Replacing and recharging batteries are clean and neat tasks. However, the batteries will not last long. You will only get about 10 – 15 minutes from a set of batteries, and you will have to recharge them for about 45 minutes. By the way, you may also be interested in our previous discussion on Traxxas Rustler vs E Revo.

On the other hand, Traxxas Revo 3.3 runs using nitro fuel. You should stick with a specific product with a specific oil percentage for the entire life of the engine. 20% is the easiest percentage to find, so this is what most people choose. Although refilling the nitro fuel is sometimes an annoying task, it only takes less than 15 seconds to complete and you will get another 10 – 15 minutes of runtime.

Traxxas E Revo has a very different design. It sports a low-profile stadium truck body, and the chassis is injection-molded plastic instead of aluminum. The low-profile design reduces the wind resistance when the truck accelerates, and the lightweight material allows the truck to speed up more easily. In other words, Traxxas E Revo is made for speed. It has waterproof parts to allow it to perform in various environments, but it is definitely not as durable as its sibling in enduring shocks and impacts.

Traxxas Revo 3.3 comes with a taller body with a pickup truck design. The higher center of gravity may make it a little trickier to control. However, it will be able to run through a rough, uneven surface more easily. The aluminum housing is also more durable for withstanding shocks and impacts.

Finally, let’s talk about the speed of Traxxas E Revo vs Revo 3.3. If you are looking for the fastest RC truck that can impress people in races, you should definitely choose E Revo Brushless. The Brushless version is armed with a brushless motor and ESC. It is extremely fast; it can reach 65+ MPH with an optional taller gear ratio. For a fast and powerful truck, run it on four LiPo batteries. For a hilariously fast and powerful truck, run it on six LiPo batteries – but you’ll be visiting your hobby shop regularly for spares.

On the other hand, Revo 3.3 is more suitable for people who enjoy engine-tuning and running the RC truck for hours. It is also pretty fast. But the real power is its ability to tackle off-road terrains and durability.

- FEATURES: Chassis: Nylon composite 0.08 (2mm) thick, gray in color with integrated and scalable dual battery compartments accommodate sport packs up t
- INCLUDES: Traxxas E-Revo Racing Monster Truck with brushless motor, TQi radio painted body, decals, instruction manual, waterproof MXL-6s Castle Creations
- REQUIRES: Transmitter Batteries: Four AA Batteries: Two 7-cell NiMH batteries with Traxxas connectors Battery Charger: Compatible with selected battery
- TRX 3.3 racing engine delivers massive power and torque to all 4 wheels to conquer any terrain at speeds up to 45mph
- TQi 2.4GHz Transmitter with Traxxas Link wireless module, factory installed telemetry sensors, and TSM stability control
- Wider, taller stance with new Geode wheels and 6.3" Maxx-sized tires and dual digital waterproof ball-bearing servos

If you want the fastest RC truck, get the Traxxas E Revo Brushless. Otherwise, if you mainly want to fine-tune the engine and run the RC truck for hours, choose Traxxas Revo 3.3 – which is also more durable and able to tackle more difficult off-road terrains.