Das Keyboard Model S vs 4

A great company usually comes with a lot of good products which makes the customers delightful every time it produces a new thing. You might have heard about the big companies like Cooler, Master, Corsair, and Thermaltake. These companies are very similar to Das Keyboard company which has ruled the keyboard market for a quite long time. The thing about a good keyboard is about its durability, sensitivity, and how the keyboard can bring the effectiveness to its users. This time we have two interesting keyboard series. The first one is Das Keyboard Model S and the second one is Das Keyboard Model 4. These two products are the Das prime units with so many fantastic features around both two products. If Das Model S has a 104 key layout, then the Das Model 4 has a new anodized aluminum top panel for improved durability. So if you are interested in both products, let’s see the comparison below.

Model S is engineered by the Germany with the mechanical gold-plated key switches; Full N-key rollover included the PS2 adapter and six keys with USB. It is also quite handy as it can be equipped with much different hardware and software like the PC, Mac, Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X. And the great thing about Model S is its Enhanced 104-key layout and Two Windows keys which have no key cap inscriptions. It is also equipped with two USB ports and one extra long 6.6 ft. USB cable. On the opposite, Model 4 offers a very different approach as it has the High Performance, mechanical Cherry MX Blue key switches with its key inscriptions.You also get the over-sized volume knob and dedicated media controls which are used in adjusting the volume while on a Skype call. Other than that, you get the new anodized aluminum top panel for durability, and super speed USB 30 hub for two ports of a 5Gb hub for the faster and higher resolution transferred data.

The performance of both Das products are pretty amazing, but Das 4 has more fantastic features than Das Model S. That doesn’t mean that Das S has a poor performance, but when you compared both items, Das S seems lacking. Das four looks so powerful and mighty with its fantastic features and great appearance. (See also : DAS Keyboard 4 vs Corsair K70)

- German-engineered, gold-plated, mechanical key switches (Cherry MX Blue). Designed to withstand 50 million key strokes
- Special Media Keys: sleep, brightness +/-, mute, volume +/-, eject, play/pause, next and previous track
- Two-port USB 2.0 hub allows for syncing and charging iPhone, iPod and USB compatible devices
- Extra long 2-meter (6.6-Feet) USB cable with two USB connectors: one for the keyboard, one for the USB hub
- Cherry MX mechanical key switches with gold contact,Dedicated media control with oversized volume knob
- Two-port USB 3.0 SuperSpeed hub - Up to 5Gb/s, 10x the speed of USB 2.0,Instant sleep button to save energy,Laser etched key inscriptions, Bumps on F and J keys (home keys)
- NKRO over USB for faster gaming, programming, or anything that makes you a formidable opponent in work or play,Anodized aluminium top panel,Firmware updatable
- System requirements: PC Windows, Linux, ChromeOS or Mac,One USB 1.1., 2.0 or 3.0 port, No driver required

Das Keyboard Model S vs 4
In overall, both items are pretty fantastic Das products, but the winner here is Das Model 4 as it has prime features which will ensure you the optimum experience for you gaming activity.