Corsair K30 vs K40

Having a problem with your keyboard? Or are you dislike its color and ability? Then you need to see the market as there are tons of interesting keyboard out there. With the development of technology which hasn’t stopped and keep on going, you will be able to find so many alternatives for your gaming or programming experience. Here are two interesting keyboards which are brought by a big name brand which has been known for a long time in the gaming scene, Corsair. There are two series here; one is Corsair K30, the second one is Corsair K40. You probably think that the newer one is always better than the old one, it is entirely true sometimes but not every time. Some old series might even be better as some company might be giving a fail upgrade to the new one. So let’s see if these two are like that or not.

The previous version which is the K30 has a kind of interesting features like the adjustable LED backlighting which offers adjustable brightness and looks great when used as a gaming equipment. You can use this to piss your friends which will be hilarious to see your friend face after watching such great keyboard. You also find that the keys are very easy to be touched and the gamers will be delighted with it. After that, you can find the six programmable G-Keys which all of the is dedicated keys with three banks for easy, single-stroke access to up to 18 other key combos. You also get the optimized anti-ghosting, onboard profile storage, and dedicated multimedia controls. The upgrade version of K30 which is K40 is not far from K30 as the features are very similar to some improved feature. Like the anti-ghosting now is also equipped with the full key rollover on USB and the customizable color backlighting.

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The performance of both products are not very far as the features of both series are very similar and the company is not giving a drastic change to the new one. The company even keep their dominant feature which is the six Programmable G-Keys which is perfect and good enough for the gamers. So, in other words, there are not many benefits by buying the K40 which is quite a shame as the company seems using this new series as a way to get into their customers pocket.

- Adjustable LED Backlighting - Backlighting offers adjustable brightness, looks great with other gaming gear and makes it easy to find the exactly keys you're looking--even in dimly lit rooms
- Six Programmable G-Keys - Six dedicated keys with three banks for easy, single keystroke access to up to 18 of your favorite presets and key combos
- Game Optimized Anti-Ghosting - ensures that every key you touch translates into the game
- 100% anti-ghosting with full key rollover on USB - Every keystroke translates into accurate gameplay-even when multiple keys are pressed
- Onboard profile storage - Stores settings and profiles in keyboard memory for direct hardware playback
- Dedicated multimedia controls - Play, stop, pause, skip tracks and adjust volume directly from the keyboard.

Corsair K30 vs K40
So if you already have the Corsair K30, then you need to keep it and not to buy the K40 as there are not much difference between both products. K30 is fantastic enough with its light and key features which will bring a maximum fun for your gaming experience.