BenQ EL2870U vs LG 27UK600

Building a perfect gaming desktop is not an easy task. For the people who have a lot of bucks in their pockets, it would be an easy peasy. But, it’s far more challenging for the other people who happen to have very limited budgets. Of course, even though having limited sources, anyone wants better gaming equipment. Getting much better quality gaming gears, without sacrificing so much money. It is possible to do, especially in this modern gaming era.

Talking about monitors, nowadays you can have a decent one with not so tight a price. For example, there are two brands that we’re gonna talk about today, BenQ and LG. Both have their specific monitors for middle range price. There are a lot of them to pick to be honest. But, on this special occasion, we’ll see which one is better from BenQ EL2870U and LG 27UK600. Both served as mid-range monitors, ranging around 300$. Do they actually deliver what it takes to be a great desktop monitor? Let’s see about that.

BenQ EL287U

At below 300$ price, you can get a BenQ EL287U. This monitor might be a good choice for an affordable yet effective product. This monitor already has 4K resolution, promising more crystal clear detail and crisp images. The resolution is also supported with HDR feature as well, which makes it nicer. Sadly the refresh rate is only 60Hz. Remembering it’s price, we couldn’t ask for more.

But above it all, we can still get a nice 1ms quick response time, not bad for such an affordable price. Playing games is now more smoother and convenient because of these beautiful features. Even though it only has a TN panel, BenQ optimized it for better display. The color is more vivid and the vibrance looks so well. Almost eliminating some significant cons of the display panel type. This monitor can also increase pixel density by its Super Resolution. The display images will now look sharper and detailed without any additional efforts.

The HDR feature above is also combined with so-called Brightness Intelligence. This feature is amazing. So, it basically adjusts the brightness automatically based on your room environment. Let’s say you’re playing in the evening, with less sunlight, you may get a little warmer temperature scale. The brightness also suits the environment condition. So adjusting brightness manually is not needed anymore. Besides adjusting the real world environment, it can also start to adjust the brightness based on the image environment, which is amazing.

 BenQ EL2870ULG 27UK600
Product Dimensions19 x 3 x 26 inches
24.1 x 8.2 x 17.9 inches
Shipping Weight12.57 pounds
10.4 pounds
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

Features on this monitor will pretty much spoil you. You got 4K Reso with HDR, Brightness Intelligence, Fast Response Time, and many more. One feature that’s important is Low Blue Light. It allows you to play for hours on end without worrying about getting eye problems. Plus, there’s also a feature called Smart Focus. This feature works by focusing on the main content that you see on the monitor, while adding small blur to the background, allowing you to focus more without getting distracted.

BenQ guaranteed that you wouldn’t need to worry about your eyes. All features above are certified by TuvRheinland, Global Safety Authority. So, you can have more fun playing your favorite games or watching your desired movies without worrying a single bit. Read also: Hyperx Alloy FPS Pro vs Corsair K63.

LG 27UK600

This monitor from LG doesn’t have that much difference from the EL2870U in price. It’s only like 40 to 50$ more than BenQ’s. What does that price difference bring to us? One thing to notice is the display panel. If the BenQ EL2870U is able to optimize the TN Panel, LG 27UK600 proudly presents Advance High Performance – IPS. The IPS panel is known to everyone for having superior performance than other panels. This display panel in the monitor has 10-bit color depth and also 99% sRGB support.

It’s higher than other competitors that have way higher price. This kind of display will not only spoil the eyes of gamers, but importantly the designer. So, LG27UK600 may stand out for this display aspect. It looks great not only for the monitor on its price range, but also surpassing monitors that are more expensive.

The 4K reso that it has also supported with HDR and FreeSync technology. Bringing the texture details and accuracy of colors to the whole new level. But even though the display is unbelievably amazing, sadly it has lower response time, which is 5ms. This may affect some fast movement displays on the monitor, plus slightly affecting gameplay. There’s maybe an input lag here and there, but not that significant.

However, the impressive display panel may look so great. But sadly another minus point, it’s nut supported with features for eye health. There’s no automatic brightness or any other supporting features for this matter. Without these, the monitor is not recommended for long hours of usage due to the risk of getting eye problems. If you’re okay with this, then go on.

BenQ EL2870U vs LG 27UK600

- Get connected: HDMI, DisplayPort input for multi-device connection. VESA wall mount
- Hear the action: built-in speakers x 2, Headphone jack
- Integrated cable management system: neatly hides cables inside monitor stand; VESA wall mount
- Connectivity Technology: Hdmi 2
- 27" Uhd 4K (3840x2160) IPS display
- HDR10
- Srgb 99% Color gamut
- Hdcp 2.2 with DisplayPort


Once again, a hard choice to determine which one of them really stands out. Both BenQ and LG have their own specialties that make them unique. The BenQ EL2870 monitor is great for its overall performance, especially for the great features that it has. LG 27UK600 stands for its beauty in display that looks better than any other products in its price range.

Based on the price –performance ratio, BenQ EL2870 is the winner. For the lower price, you can get better response time, a better TN display Panel, plus additional useful features that are really useful for all kinds of users like Brightness Intelligence, Blue Light Filter, and Flicker Free. The features alone may enhance user experience greater without sacrificing anything. The upgraded TN display panel is way better than other TN panels. So for the price, BenQ is still considered as a winner.

But of course, if you prefer a more beautiful display above all else, LG 27UK600 is clearly for you. The display panel it has is amazing. Surpassing anything, even beyond its price range. It looks pretty, rich in detailed elements, and overall a great monitor to have especially for around 300$ only.