Bengoo G9000 VS G9200

Gaming headsets not only look cool but convenient for gamers who will also communicate with their teammates. They come in a wide range of prices and styling but if you want to get the more affordable options, we can consider the Bengoo G9000 Vs G9200. These headsets are ideal for almost anyone who wants to enjoy their gaming without disturbing other people in the house and they are also slightly different so let’s see below about which will work better for you.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • Which Gaming Headset to Choose
  • What are Bengoo G9000 and G9200
  • How are the Design of Bengoo G9000 and G9200
  • How are the Sound Quality of Bengoo G9000 and G9200
  • How are the Control in Bengoo G9000 and G9200
  • Bengoo G9000 Vs G9200

Gaming Headsets

Video games are fun and it will be much more fun when you can build your own system consisting of high-performing or new equipment available for purchase. In general it is not a cheap hobby but it doesn’t mean most people can’t play games as well because nowadays they are playable through several different platforms, making the entertainment more reachable for a wider range of people. You can play games on console, computer, laptop, smartphone, and tablets too.

Besides the main device, there are also accessories or equipment that we can pair the device with to improve the experience. From handheld consoles that we can pair with smartphones to gaming keyboard and mouse, there is a lot to catch up. For those who game on a more fixed setup, a gaming headset is very useful to have because it will be delivering the sound effects or audio from the device to you directly so then we can game in silence without having to disturb other people in the house.

We personally like headsets or headphones for gaming because they are closer to the ears which makes the audio sounds cleaner even at low volume and even if the device is just mediocre. However, we do suggest choosing a gaming headset with good comfort because chances are we will be wearing them for long hours and comfort is very important when it comes to gaming since we need to focus on the gameplay. You don’t need expensive headsets but it is wise to consider some of the important factors too.

Comfort will be good with headsets that have decent padding and large ear cups to cover the ears as well as to spread the pressure from their headband. The weight also matters and if possible try to look for options with less weight or light enough for your comfort. Next factor is probably the connectivity because they can be connected with a cable or wirelessly to your main device; the latter will be more convenient but also more expensive.

Some gaming headsets may also be optimized or come with the proper connectivity for certain platforms such as the some models from Turtle Beach so it is good to also consider how they will work together. Last but not least is the sound quality which will vary widely depending on the option and how they are designed for. Typically you will hear them being boosted on a certain frequency, mainly the lower range but there are also options that are more neutral. Read also: Razer Blackshark V2 X VS HyperX Cloud 2 here.

Bengoo G9000Bengoo G9200
Product Dimensions13 x 10 x 7 inches
9.09 x 7.72 x 4.33 inches
Shipping Weight16 ounces
1.37 pounds
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About Bengoo G9000 and G9200

There are more than plenty of options to choose from based on what you need and how much you want to spend. If this is your first gaming headset then it is good to try from the low options just to see whether they are up to your preference or if you need something better. Expensive gaming headsets are usually more robust and have more features or sound better but there are also good cheap headsets that work just well.

For the convenience we can shop from typical gaming peripheral names such as Razer or SteelSeries as they come with some of the best headsets for this purpose but they are also quite expensive, especially if you go for the popular choices. For those who want the more affordable options, Bengoo is going to be a great choice. This brand carries lots of gaming headsets and in a much cheaper price range which is great for any budget shoppers out there.

If you need to optimize the budget, options like Bengoo G9000 and G9200 are going to fit lots of gamers based on what they can offer. These headsets are not the best you can get of course but the reason to have them is because they are working really well while also pretty cheap especially when you consider some of the most popular gaming headsets range from $60-$100. The two come less than $20 and $25 with everything you need from a gaming headset too.

In comparison, the Bengoo G9000 and G9200 are not identical however because the easiest way to set them apart is just looking at the design. They are wired only and you can use them for almost any platform whether it is on PC or on console so if you are playing across these devices, we can just have one headset. Both are very comfortable as well which is great if you are the type who play games for hours.

Bengoo G9000 and G9200 Design

Moving further, let’s take a look into the headsets first before getting to know them better. Build quality wise they are decent but also plasticky and not very heavy. The headband can flex but we don’t suggest doing it intentionally because they are quite thick from the padding. It is easy to tell them apart based on the styling since the G9000 has more character and details on the outer ear cup. You will also see more silver accents on the G9200 series but the finish of these headsets are similarly glossy.

The cable is thick so they seem to last if treated properly. What we love is their weight which is quite light but also the padding that covers your ears. Their ear cups are large enough to distribute the pressure which is not very tight. In the box you will find the headset with USB cable or regular jack depending on what the headset will be connected into. In addition, they have decent lighting but only the G9200 has a lit up microphone.

Bengoo G9000 and G9200 Sound Quality

Now for the most important part, let’s see what the Bengoo G9000 and G9200 can offer starting from the sound quality and if you have a small hope that any of the two comes with Dolby or some type of surround sound, it is not what they can offer. What these headsets can offer is better than average sound quality through their 40mm and 50mm driver respectively. We are actually surprised about how good they are based on the price point.

In general they are stereo headsets with plenty of bass to offer and while this is not an ideal option for audiophile or music in general, they sound good for games by giving a good amount of thump and kick on the lower end. If you are a fan of music that emphasizes the low-frequency we also think they will sound pleasant. The microphone is good too, it is not on the level of a dedicated microphone but sounds clean and clear as well as adjustable to match your preference; it is not removable however.

Bengoo G9000 and G9200 Control

Next we want to talk about the control that you can get from these headsets but in this part they are pretty basic. We are happy to see volume level and microphone mute button on the headset but do note that it is not located on the ear cups but on the remote. This remote is on your headset’s cable and they have the same functions. Both the Bengoo G9000 and G9200 come with LED lights that look really cool.

The LED only works with USB however, so if you are only connecting the regular jack, this feature is not going to work since the USB is required to supply the current. The microphone can be muted and adjusted but due to the design, we can put the mic of G9000 a bit away from the front if it becomes annoying.

Bengoo G9000 and G9200 Comfort

Lastly for comfort, the Bengoo G9000 and G9200 are very comfortable for most people and this is our favorite quality of these headsets as well. They are light on the head and fit to most people too with decent padding for prolonged use. The ear cups are also large enough to not put too much pressure on the ears. The cable is pretty long so we don’t have any issue moving slightly while wearing the headset but they can become warmer with prolonged use.

Bengoo G9000 Vs G9200

These headsets are made for almost everyone who wants to spend a little but get the most of their budget. The differences between the Bengoo G9000 and G9200 are the sound quality as the G9200 is slightly more powerful and the design because the G9200 has a flexible microphone wand. Their LED lights are automatically powered using a USB plug so you will need to connect it to enjoy the feature. Both headsets are also working across platforms.

-【Multi-Platform Compatible】Support PlayStation 4, New Xbox One, PC, Nintendo 3DS, Laptop, PSP, Tablet, iPad, Computer, Mobile Phone. Please note you need an extra Microsoft Adapter (Not Included) when connect with an old version Xbox One controller.
-【Surrounding Stereo Subwoofer】Clear sound operating strong brass, splendid ambient noise isolation and high precision 40mm magnetic neodymium driver, acoustic positioning precision enhance the sensitivity of the speaker unit, bringing you vivid sound field, sound clarity, shock feeling sound. Perfect for various games like Halo 5 Guardians, Metal Gear Solid, Call of Duty, Star Wars Battlefront, Overwatch, World of Warcraft Legion, etc.
-【Noise Isolating Microphone】Headset integrated onmi-directional microphone can transmits high quality communication with its premium noise-concellng feature, can pick up sounds with great sensitivity and remove the noise, which enables you clearly deliver or receive messages while you are in a game. Long flexible mic design very convenient to adjust angle of the microphone.
-【Great Humanized Design】Superior comfortable and good air permeability protein over-ear pads, muti-points headbeam, acord with human body engineering specification can reduce hearing impairment and heat sweat.Skin friendly leather material for a longer period of wearing. Glaring LED lights desigend on the earcups to highlight game atmosphere.
-【2 Speaker Drivers In Each Ear Cup】- Dual 30mm+40mm High precision speaker drivers, clear sound and operating strong bass, it delivers quality simulated surround sound to enhance the crystal-clear sound of bombing, footsteps, in the flight. Perfect for various games like Fortnite, PUBG, CS:GO, Halo 5 Guardians, Metal Gear Solid, Call of Duty, etc.
-【Cylindrical Tensile Headband Design & 45° Rotatable Ear Cups】- 45°Rotatable ear cups with comfortable foam can be adjusted to fit different sizes. The adjustable cylindrical tensile head beam is more robust and stable than the average headband. And this light-weight material is for pressure-free fit that won't over heat your head.
-【720°Adjustable & Noise Cancelling Mic】-It filters most environmental noise around you and provide real-in-time talking without any delay. The noise canceling on the mic is great that you can talk with crystal clarity. And this headset provides high-end noise cancellation to enable you clearly receive or deliver messages that isolate yourself while gaming.
-【Humanized Design & Premium Material】- This item is ergonomically designed with Superior comfortable and good air protein over-ear pads. Soft leatherette ear cups allow for long gaming sessions without fatigue. And there is an adjustable headband that every player could enjoy the optimal wearing comfort.


You can go amazing with any of these headsets but personally we will recommend the Bengoo G9200 because it is much cheaper and the sound is still similarly good. But if you like the styling of G9000 or the adjustable mic, this is still a very cheap headset to go for.