Asus ROG Delta S Vs Delta

When it comes to gaming headsets, Asus has always been one of the top contenders in the market. The Asus Republic of Gamers (ROG) brand is known for producing high-quality gaming products, and the Asus ROG Delta and Delta S are no exception. We will compare the two gaming headsets and help you decide which one is best for you.

In this comparison, we are going to talk about:

  • What is Advantage of Detachable Microphone
  • What are Asus ROG Delta S and Delta
  • How are the Design of Asus ROG Delta S and Delta
  • How are the Sound Quality of Asus ROG Delta S and Delta
  • How are the Connectivity of Asus ROG Delta S and Delta
  • How are the Gaming Features of Asus ROG Delta S and Delta
  • Asus ROG Delta S Vs Delta

Advantage of Detachable Microphone

Gaming headsets have become an essential tool for gamers who want to immerse themselves in the gaming experience. These headsets are equipped with high-quality audio technology that allows gamers to hear every sound and communicate with their teammates. One of the key features that sets gaming headsets apart is the detachable microphone.


The detachable microphone offers a level of flexibility that is unmatched by fixed microphones. With a detachable microphone, you can easily remove the microphone when it is not needed or when you are using the headset for other activities such as listening to music or watching movies. This flexibility allows you to switch between a gaming setup and a regular audio setup without having to switch headsets.

Ease of Replacement

Another advantage of a detachable microphone is the ease of replacement. If the microphone is damaged or broken, you can simply replace it without having to replace the entire headset. This is especially useful for gamers who are rough with their equipment or who travel frequently with their headset. Read Also: Corsair H1500 vs Vengeance 1500

Improved Portability

A detachable microphone also improves the portability of your headset. With a fixed microphone, the microphone and the headset are connected, making it bulkier and harder to pack. A detachable microphone, on the other hand, can be easily removed and stored separately, making it easier to pack and carry.

Improved Sound Quality

The detachable microphone also improves the sound quality of the headset. Fixed microphones are often placed in a fixed position that may not be optimal for picking up sound. With a detachable microphone, you can adjust the placement of the microphone to find the optimal position for picking up your voice. This can lead to improved sound quality and clearer communication with your teammates.


Lastly, a detachable microphone allows for greater customization of your gaming setup. With a detachable microphone, you can choose to upgrade to a higher-quality microphone or a microphone with additional features such as noise cancellation. This level of customization allows you to tailor your headset to your specific needs and preferences.

Asus ROG Delta SAsus ROG Delta
Product Dimensions8.46 x 9.96 x 4.45 inches 4.45 x 9.97 x 6 inches
Shipping Weight13.9 ounces12.8 ounces
Best offerCheck priceCheck price

About Asus ROG Delta S and Delta

The Delta S Wireless is a reliable choice if you want a headset that can handle multiple devices without sacrificing audio quality or fit. Whether you’re using it for gaming, video conferencing, or simply streaming your favorite content, this headset won’t disappoint.

However, if you prioritize top-notch communication capabilities, the Delta S Wireless may not be the best option for you. While its overall audio quality is excellent, the microphone may sound a bit thin, making it a less-than-ideal choice for serious gamers or professionals who require crystal-clear communication. Read Also: Sennheiser Game One vs HyperX Cloud 2

On the other hand, Get ready to take your gaming experience to the next level with the ROG Delta gaming headset. Boasting quad-dac signal isolation, this headset delivers unparalleled audio quality across the full range of frequencies. From the thunderous lows to the crystal-clear highs and ultra-high frequencies, every detail is faithfully reproduced with incredible precision.

With an impressive 127 Db Signal-to-Noise ratio, you won’t miss a beat, and you’ll be able to hear every move your competition makes. And with the digital Boom mic, you can stay in constant communication with your teammates without any interference or distortion. But that’s not all – the ROG Delta also features Aura Sync RGB LED lighting that outshines the competition. You’ll be able to customize the headset’s lighting to match your gaming setup or express your personal style.

Asus ROG Delta S and Delta Design

The design of both headsets is quite similar, but there are a few differences that set them apart. The Asus ROG Delta S has a more streamlined and modern look with a black matte finish, while the Asus ROG Delta has a more classic look with a silver finish. Both headsets are comfortable to wear for long gaming sessions. They come with memory foam ear cushions that provide a snug fit and reduce pressure on the ears. The ear cushions on the Delta S are thicker and softer than the Delta, providing a more comfortable experience.

Asus ROG Delta S and Delta Sound Quality

The sound quality of both headsets is excellent. The Asus ROG Delta S uses 50 mm Asus’ Essence technology that delivers a clear and crisp sound. The Delta S also has a built-in AI noise-canceling microphone that provides clear communication with your team without any background noise. The Asus ROG Delta, on the other hand, has a Hi-Res ESS Quad-DAC that provides a similar sound experience. However, it does not have the AI noise-canceling microphone feature that the Delta S has.

Asus ROG Delta S and Delta Connectivity

The Asus ROG Delta S features USB Type-C connectivity, which provides a high-quality digital audio signal and compatibility with a variety of devices, including PC, Mac, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and mobile devices. It also comes with a wireless option that has a low-latency wireless 2.4 GHz and Bluetooth. The Asus ROG Delta, on the other hand, features a USB Type-C connector which provides compatibility with a wider range of devices, including PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices.

Asus ROG Delta S and Delta Gaming Features

The Asus ROG Delta S has some additional gaming features that set it apart from the Delta. It has a ROG Hybrid ear cushion design that provides both sound isolation and comfort. The Delta S also has a built-in touch sensor that allows you to control the volume and microphone without any physical buttons. The Asus ROG Delta, on the other hand, has a detachable microphone that allows you to use the headset as headphones. It also has customizable RGB lighting that adds a bit of flair to your gaming setup.

- Low-latency wireless 2.4 GHz and Bluetooth connections provide greater freedom
- Exclusive 50 mm ASUS Essence drivers and airtight chamber design offer immersive sound
- AI Beamforming Microphones with AI Noise Cancelation ensure exceptional voice pick-up and reduce 500 million types of background noises for clear in-game communication
- Fast charging provides 3 hours of use with a 15-minute charge, plus up to 25 hours of total battery life for non-stop gaming
- Rich gaming Audio with a 127dB Signal to noise ratio and 50 millimeter ASUS essence drivers with airtight chamber design provide detail-rich Audio perfect for FPS games
- Builtin ESS ES9218 Sabre quad dac delivers signal isolation processing for improved lows, mids, highs, and ultrahigh frequency sound quality
- Cross platform compatibility with USB C cable and USB 2.0 adapter for use with PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, and USB enabled mobile devices
- On headset controls for adjusting headset volume and toggling RGB effects on or off

Which is Good: Asus ROG Delta S Vs Delta

Both the Asus ROG Delta S and Delta are excellent gaming headsets that provide exceptional sound quality and comfort. The Delta S is the more expensive option but comes with additional features such as AI noise-canceling microphone and Bluetooth connectivity. The Delta is a more affordable option that still provides an excellent gaming experience with customizable RGB lighting and Hi-Res ESS Quad-DAC. Ultimately, the choice between the two comes down to personal preference and budget.