Astro A50 vs 800X

Astro and Turtle Beach seem to have options available in all price ranges. For a budget of about three hundred bucks, these two manufacturers continue to compete with their Astro A50 and Turtle Beach 800X. Both of these two models have been armed with Dolby Headphone 7.1 Surround Sound and wireless connectivity. We all know that choosing the best gear, including the best headset, is crucial to achieving our best game performance. So, between these two options, which headset should you choose?

Astro headsets have been praised for the superior comfortability, and Astro A50 is no different. It comes with over-the-ear ear cups and a thick bar of padding in the middle of the headband. The thick pad on the headband ensures that the top of your head will stay comfortable even in prolonged gaming sessions. The ear pads are also soft and comfy, and they fit very well without being too tight. On the other hand, Turtle Beach 800X also has large, over-the-ear ear cups. Compared to Astro A50, Turtle Beach 800X is rather smaller and more compact. However, the fit is somehow tighter, and the overall design is not as comfortable as Astro A50. Astro A50 is generally more durable than Turtle Beach 800X. (Read also : Astro A50 vs Tritton Warhead)

One of the best features of Astro A50 is the universal compatibility. It can work well with all devices, including Xbox One, PS 4, and PC. It even has Bluetooth for connection with mobile phones. Actually, Turtle Beach 800X also has Bluetooth, but this headset can only work with Xbox One and mobile phones without any way to work with PS 4. Depending on your PC, your PC may or may not be able to work with Turtle Beach 800X as well.

Nevertheless, Astro A50 is not fully wireless. For team voice chat, it needs to be daisy chained. If you don’t like wires, then this is bad. On the other hand, Turtle Beach 800X is fully wireless, allowing you to connect multiple headsets wirelessly for team voice chat.

Audio Quality
Astro headsets seem to have better audio quality than the Turtle Beach’s counterparts, and this is once again true with Astro A50 and Turtle Beach 800X. However, the difference is not exactly huge. Astro A50 has a slightly better audio performance due to the better clarity. Sounds and voices are highly accurate and articulate, allowing you to hear the game and your team’s communication even in the loudest part of the game. Turtle Beach 800X also has good sound quality, with great bass performance, but the clarity is just not as good as Astro A50’s.

- Compatible with PlayStation 4 and PC
- Pro Audio Quality - Superior Fit & Finish
- Precision Microphone
- 5GHz Wireless Technology
- DTS Headphone:X 7.1 Surround
- Superhuman Hearing
- Magnetic charging stand
- 100% Wireless

Astro A50 vs 800X
Astro A50 should be the way to go if you want to get the best sound quality or a universal headset that is compatible with different platforms. But, if you prefer a fully wireless headset that is dedicated to Xbox One, then Turtle Beach 800X can be the alternative.