Astro A40 vs XO Seven

Astro and Turtle Beach are two brands that have competed against each other for a long time. They both produce great gaming headsets. There are many fellow gamers who would recommend you with one of Astro’s or Turtle Beach’s models. In the following article, we are going to discuss the differences and comparisons between two popular models from Astro and Turtle Beach: Astro A40 and Turtle Beach XO Seven. For now, Turtle Beach XO Seven is available at a lower price point than Astro A40. So, which headset does make the fullest value for the money?

Both Astro A40 and XO Seven have over-the-ear closed-back ear cups. Astro A40 appears somewhat bulkier and is slightly heavier, but nevertheless it is very comfortable to wear. The ear pads are soft and comfy, and the thick padding on the middle of the headband ensures that the top of your head will stay comfy during prolonged wearing. On the other hand, XO Seven is offering a tighter, snugger fit. The headband is also padded, but XO Seven may be somewhat less comfortable in extended gaming sessions. Another thing that we should consider is that Astro A40 has a better build quality than XO Seven. There are lots of people out there who have owned Astro A40 for years and are still happy with the headset, whereas Turtle Beach’s headsets tend to break easily. So, if you are going to buy a headset for a long-term investment, Astro A40 is the safer choice. Both models are powered by 50 mm drivers and they both have detachable mics.

The special feature of all Turtle Beach headsets is, of course, the mic monitoring. For some people, mic monitoring is very important. The feature basically allows you to hear your own voice from the mic in the speakers, allowing you to control your voice volume. Meanwhile, Astro A40 is great for playing with a team in LAN events because it is daisy chainable; you can connect multiple Astro A40 headsets for team communication.

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Howsoever, when it comes to audio quality, Astro A40 is certainly the more superior product. Compared to XO Seven, Astro A40 has much better audio clarity. The sound effects and voice chats are clearer and more articulate. XO Seven’s output is pretty good, but the bass can sometimes drown the other sounds, hindering voice chats.

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- Variable Mic Monitoring – Say it, don't shout it thanks to the ability to hear the volume of your own voice inside the headset

Astro A40 vs XO Seven
If you really need the mic monitoring feature, then XO Seven should be your choice. Otherwise, Astro A40 is the way to go, since it is more comfortable, more durable, and has better overall audio performance.