Astro A40 vs Turtle Beach X41

Choosing the right headset for your game can be quite crucial. If you are serious in gaming, especially in FPS and RPG games, you would have known that hearing sound effects can decide the fate of your game character. Miss the audio hints of an incoming threat and the next second you are dead meat. That’s why you need to choose the right headset that can tell you what sound it is and from where it is coming. Two popular headset models are Astro A40 and Turtle Beach X41. The two are standing in the same price range – which should you choose?

Both Astro A40 and Turtle Beach X41 have over-the-ear, closed-back ear cups. Which means, their ear cups are a little bit bigger than your ears so that your ears will be completely enveloped. However, Astro A40’s ear cups are rectangular and somewhat bigger, making the headset quite more comfortable to wear. Unfortunately, Astro A40’s ear cups are not the best in isolating away environmental noise. Sounds from the outside can still somehow get into your ears, and people nearby can also hear what your headset speaks. That’s bad if there are other people near your gaming station or if your environment is noisy, but otherwise that shouldn’t be too much of an issue. On the other hand, Turtle Beach X41’s ear cups are circular and somewhat smaller. Turtle Beach X41 performs a better job in isolating noise. Both models also have detachable mics.

Astro A40 is coming with Dolby 5.1 Headset Surround, and there are multiple connection options, such as the Toslink and ¼” stereo jack. Astro A40 also has the capability to be daisy chained; it can connect to multiple headsets for team chat. This is a very useful feature for playing with a team at a LAN event. But Astro A40 can’t run wirelessly. On the other hand, Turtle Beach X41 has Dolby 7.1 Headset Surround and Dolby Pro Logic Iix. It can connect wirelessly using the 2.4 GHz RF, and the model also features the Chat Boost Expander that automatically rises chat volume in the loud parts of the game to ensure clear communication.

Astro A40 actually has a wider frequency range than Turtle Beach X41. Compared to Turtle Beach X41, Astro A40 has more pronounced and articulate mids and highs, allowing for better clarity to most sounds and voices. Meanwhile, Turtle Beach X41 should be praised for the exceptional bass performance. It is able to deliver the truly immersive audio experience with full and solid bass. Unfortunately, the heavy bass can sometimes drown out the other sounds.

- Tuned for Gaming with ASTRO Audio: optimized by ASTRO audio engineers and pro gamers
- Superior Fit & Finish: premium materials and construction, highly adjustable and lightweight
- Mod Kit Ready: go from an open-back to a closed-back noise isolating headset with swappable Mod Kit components (sold separately)
- Customizable Speaker Tags: personalize your headset with our magnetic speaker tag system
- Enjoy Dolby Digital 7.1 Surround Sound with your favorite games and DVD movies
- Dolby Pro Logic IIx reproduces full-range special effects in the surround channels and enhances stereo sound
- Digital RF wireless technology provides CD-quality game sound and crystal-clear reception
- Chat Boost dynamic talkback expander automatically increases incoming chat volume during loud game sequences

Astro A40 vs Turtle Beach X41
We recommend you to choose Astro A40 if voice chat is vital for your game, or if you don’t like heavy bass. On the other hand, Turtle Beach X41 can be your choice if vocal clarity is not your priority and you are simply looking for a headset that can deliver baffling sound effects.