Astro A40 vs Sennheiser G4me One

There are tons of equipment out there which offer various interesting aspects of its appearance or its features. But as you know most of them are probably lying for the marketing purpose. You can’t blame them as the computer market is quite a tough one. Companies are trying their best to deliver what the customers want. In this case, we’d like to explain you about two products of the headset. The first one is Astro A40, and the other one is Sennheiser Game One. Astro A40 has been known as the high-quality headset which offers not only quality but also durability. Its main power comes from its comfort aspect when you use it. Astro A40 is only the second generation of its type, the company has tried many methods to fix the first one, and the result is Astro A40 as their second. On the opposite, we have the Sennheiser Game One who offers the excellent gaming experience. It is purely a stereo headset which means that Sennheiser has explosive and powerful audio quality. You can clearly hear the team chat without any problem. So if you are interested in both products, let’s see the comparison below.

Astro A40 is clearly offering the comfort aspect along with the sound quality. It has quite interesting features like the three EQ settings and the removable boom mic. You also don’t need to worry about its compatibility as it is compatible with many applications including the Xbox One and PC. The audio is not explosive and has a balance level. This balance level will ensure you with the calm and nice situation when using the headset. On the other hand, Game One takes a different approach than the Astro A40. It has an explosive audio quality with some key features. It has the noise-cancelling microphone, mic connector, and the large circumaural earcup which means that you won’t feel too tight when using it.

This time you can see the big difference between two in their performance. Astro A40 has a comfortable and durable design. Its durability is good for you who easily broke your equipment, and the comforting aspect is good for people who loves using their time in front of the computer. The sound aspect is quite good with the MixAmp M80 feature as the perfect blend of its component. The sound is not too loud or too low, it is just right and balance. The minus point is the price which is expensive and the inability to produce surround sound. On the opposite, we have the Sennheiser which has a good looking design too. The sound is just explosive as the audio performance also works quite well. You can get the solid noise-cancelling mic which is quite handy, and in overall, the item is really well-built. The downside is same like Astro A40 whereas Game One is also quite expensive and it can’t be connected to all the devices like the PS4. (Read also : Astro A40 vs Turtle Beach X41)

- Pro Audio Quality
- Superior Fit & Finish
- Swappable Precision Microphone
- Mod Kit Ready
- Hear Every Detail of The Game
- Convenient Microphone Mute
- Exchangeable Cables
- Designed for players

Astro A40 vs Sennheiser G4me One
In overall, Astro is clearly better than the Sennheiser Game One, but the fact that Game One offers an explosive sound is quite impressive. Some player or gamer might love to buy this one if they want to communicate correctly with their teammates, but that’s the only reason to buy Game One. If you have no issue with that, then you better choose the Astro A40 as it is better in many aspects.