Astro A40 vs Logitech G930

Having a complete equipment for your gaming or your programming activities are somehow important for you who have job or obsession in these things. But there are things which cannot be put aside, like the monitor, keyboard, or the mouse. However, there are also items which can be bought as the luxury aspect, as the headset. Here are two good gaming headsets which have been known out there, one is Astro A40, and the other is Logitech G930. Astro A40 headset offers many comforts when you use it. At first glance you’ll be able to see the varieties beside that Astro A40 is only the second generation from its type. After that, you can also try Logitech G930. Logitech is a well-known brand which has sold numerous computer parts and equipment throughout the world. Logitech G930 is a very impressive headset which offers fantastic range and works perfectly as the wireless gaming headset. So if you are interested in both products, let’s see the comparison below.

Logitech G930 has many interesting features around its body. First one is the frequency response which can hold up to 20 HZ until 20KHZ and the item have sensitivity at the level of 90dB SPL/MW. These frequency response works quite well with its sensitivity and impedance ensuring you the best sound that you can get. Then you also get the low-frequency effects channel, rapid-burst transmission, and Dolby 7.1. Dolby 7.1 is the feature which works as the surrounding sound; it works along with the seven discrete audio channels. On the other hand, Astro A40 offers some interesting features too, like the 3 EQ settings and Removable boom mic. It is also compatible with the Xbox One and PC. It also has the Audio balance level controls which ensuring the best balancing sound that you will get.

Astro A40 is quite a handy headset; it is because Astro A40 has a really comfortable design and durable design. It is very good for people who like to toss around their equipment without thinking about the risk of breaking it. Then you can also feel the excellent sound quality with the MixAmp M80 as the perfect addition to it. The downside about Astro A40 is that this item is quite expensive and it has no surround sound which is quite annoying. On the opposite, Logitech G930 has quite a punch in its performance. It has a fine and great in-game sound and surrounds sound which makes your gaming experience become better. Another advantage of Astro A40 is in its fantastic software and the perfect wireless function. The downside is that this headset has no sound presets and it also lacks in music performance. You can also feel that it is too tight as your earcup feels like being pressed.

- Pro Audio Quality
- Superior Fit & Finish
- Swappable Precision Microphone
- Mod Kit Ready
- Dolby headphone 7.1 surround sound
- Lag-free advanced wireless
- Noise-cancelling mic
- Long battery life

Astro A40 vs Logitech G930
Both products seem to have their own advantages and disadvantages. However, in this case, Astro A40 looks better because it gives a real comfort for its users, while the Logitech G930 lacks in this aspect. The lack of surrounding sound and other things can be fixed with the right configuration, but if you search for comfort aspect, there is no solution to it.