AMD FX 8350 vs i7 6700K

So, you are now looking for a powerful processor for some serious gaming. If you want your computer to run at the best performance levels for even the most demanding games, you certainly need to equip it with the right processor. There are two popular models for gaming computers right now, AMD FX 8350 and Intel i7 6700K. AMD’s products are popular because of the high performance and affordability, and AMD FX 8350 is not different. Compared to the contender here, AMD FX 8350 is quite significantly cheaper. On the other hand, Intel’s products are always trusted because of the unprecedented quality. Intel i7 6700K is loved because of the performance and quality, ensuring that the processor will last for a long time. Which one should you choose?

Quite interestingly, both AMD FX 8350 and Intel i7 6700K are rated as 4.0 GHz processors. They both also can be overclocked to 4.2 GHz. Such amazing performance levels make these processors suitable for the demanding modern games as well as other professional purposes, such as heavy-duty programming, sound editing, and graphic designs.

However, if we observe the specifications carefully, we can see that AMD FX 8350 is an octa-core processor. There are 8 cores. With such awesome technology, AMD FX 8350 promises some dependable power for multi-tasking. However, the processor does not have the hyperthreading technology yet. On the other hand, Intel i7 6700K is a quad-core processor, coming with just 4 physical cores. But it already has the hyperthreading technology. With hyperthreading, Intel i7 6700K can have 8 logical cores with even better performance levels than AMD FX 8350.

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If we are to compare the processing speeds, Intel i7 6700K beats AMD FX 8350 in all aspects. The best feat of Intel i7 6700K is that it has a significantly faster single-core speed. As the effect, you will generally find a computer with the Intel processor to be faster and more powerful than with the AMD. Again, Intel i7 6700K beats AMD FX 8350 when operating in the quad-core mode, multi-core mode, and overclocked mode, though with slightly smaller margins.

While we certainly prefer to use a dedicated graphics card, Intel i7 6700K provides the Intel HD 530 integrated GPU, which can be handy as a backup. AMD FX 8350 has no integrated GPU at all.

- Frequency: 4.0/4.2GHZ (Base/Overdrive)
- Cores: 8
- Cache: 8/8MB (L2/L3)
- Processor Series : FX-Series Eight-Core FX-8350
- LGA 1151
- Unlocked Processor. DDR4 & DDR3L Support
- Display Resolution up to 4096x2304
- Intel Turbo Boost Technology

AMD FX 8350 vs i7 6700K
In the end, we recommend you to choose Intel i7 6700K. It is much more powerful and reliable, and it has an integrated GPU that can be handy when needed.