AMD FX 8350 vs i5 4690K

When choosing for the best processor, it is very easy for someone who hasn’t studied or at least read about computer architecture to fall into the “number of cores” trap. Some people may think that an octa-core processor is always better than a quad-core processor. Having eight cores is better than just four cores, right? Well, not that simple, my friend. Right now, AMD FX 8350 and Intel i5 4690K are two of the most popular options for gaming. Both processors offer tremendous power and performance, suitable for those demanding modern games. When choosing between AMD FX 8350 and Intel i5 4690K, the issue mentioned previously is almost always brought up. So, is AMD FX 8350 or Intel i5 4690K better? Continue reading below.

More Cores versus Single Core Performance
AMD FX 8350 appears very attractive, boasting 8 CPU cores and 8 CPU threads. On the other hand, Intel i5 4690K only has 4 CPU cores and 4 CPU threads. At first, you may think that AMD FX 8350 is faster. However, that is not the case. Intel i5 4690K actually has much better single core performance. Contrary to the common belief, single core performance does not only matter in single core / single thread instances. Instead, it translates throughout the spectrum. Even though, Intel i5 4690K has fewer threads to process data, the faster processing rate more than makes up the difference. As the effect, Intel i5 4690K is actually faster and more powerful than AMD FX 8350, even though the numbers do not tell you directly so.

Clock speed
Again, it is easy to fall into the “numbers” trap. AMD FX 8350 boasts 4 GHz clock speed and 4.2 GHz turbo (overclock) speed. Meanwhile, Intel i5 4690K only has 3.5 GHz clock speed and 3.9 GHz turbo speed. The higher clock rate of AMD FX 8350 does not mean faster performance because there are other factors that come to play. For example, Intel i5 4690K has 1.5 MB L3 cache per core, whereas AMD FX 8350 only has 1.0 MB L3 cache per core.

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Other Factors to Consider
Intel i5 4690K comes with an integrated GPU, the Intel HD Graphics 4600. Well, you obviously need a more powerful GPU in order to play the latest games nowadays, but it can be handy when needed. AMD FX 8350 does not have an integrated GPU.

In addition, Intel i5 4690K consumes significantly less power. The typical power consumption of Intel i5 4690K is 71.5 Watts, whereas AMD FX 8350 doubles the number to 159.66 Watts. Intel i5 4690K requires LGA 1150 socket on your motherboard, whereas AMD FX 8350 works with Socket AM3+.

- Frequency: 4.0/4.2GHZ (Base/Overdrive)
- Cores: 8
-Cache: 8/8MB (L2/L3)
- Socket Type: AM3+
- Power Wattage: 125W
- 4 cores, 4 threads
- Intel HD Graphics 4600 (1200 MHz)
- Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2.0
- Dynamic Acceleration/Turbo Boost
- 6MB Intel Smart Cache

AMD FX 8350 vs i5 4690K
In general, Intel i5 4690K should be the way to go. The better single core performance ensures better overall speed and power. The integrated GPU and lower power consumption add nice plus points. But, if your motherboard only has Socket AM3+, then AMD FX 8350 is the only option.