Alienware X51 vs Dell XPS 8300

In this era, technology becomes one of the most important things that we need to think. Most of the things right now are modernized and combined with the computer. On the bright side, we get to know the computer and fantastic stuff like PCs or smartphone, but even with all the hype, the computer is getting even further and further. Here are two kinds of PC which have become the pillars of nowadays technologies improvement, the Alienware X51 and Dell XPS 8300. Both items come from the different brand which each of them are hardly having a similarity because of that. While the Alienware X51 using the futuristic design PC, Dell XPS 8300 is still using the same PC approach like in the 90s. So if you are interested in both products, let’s see the comparison below.

Features and Specifications
Alienware X51 is using a mid-range to high standard specifications. This high specification more or less affecting the overall price as it has quite a high price in the market. But the specifications of Alienware are truly worth it. Starts from the Intel Quad Core i7-6700 3.4 GHz Processor, then it also has the 8 GB DDR4 RAM along with 16 GB maximum. You also get the 2TB HDD Storage and DVD Drive with eight US Ports. The windows are windows ten which is the best that we have right now. On the other hand, Dell XPS 8300 seems lacking if compared to Alienware X51. XPS 8300 uses the Intel Core i5 Processor 2.9GHz which is far away from the processor that Alienware X51 has. Then it is using the 6 GB DDR3 RAM and also 1TB 7200RPM Hard Drive. The windows in this PC is using the Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit, but if you want to get Windows 10, you need to install it by yourself.

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The range between both products specification seem to far as the performance of both products will prove it in no time. Alienware is truly a good mid-range specification PC which is very suitable for a high-level gaming which needs 1080 High Definitive quality, it also has a good design, and it is very durable. There is also an internal fan which will keep it cool, and you will notice that the smoothness of the program and software will boost your ability when doing your job. On the other hand, Dell XPS 8300 is quite surprising in its performance considering that it has a low price. It offers the PC which can store a lot of data and connect through everything at ease. Its connection, speeds, and battery are all on the prime performance.

- Intel Quad Core i5-6400 2 GHz Processor
- 8 GB DDR4 RAM Included; 16 GB Maxium
- 1 TB HDD Storage
- Intel Core i5 Processor 2.9GHz
- 1TB 7200RPM Hard Drive

Alienware X51 vs Dell XPS 8300
In reality, we can’t compare both items as the same types of the computer as the difference in price is too far. Alienware X51 is truly the best item for the game mania or the programmer which need a high quality laptop, but for the cheap and moderate class PC, then XPS 8300 is a very surprising item as it has a very stable and excellent performance. So both items are the best in their own class which is why you need to see your budget first before choosing between both products.