Alienware X51 vs Area 51

Dell has been delivering quality products since their inception. They win the credit for giving computer users sturdy and durable hardware. Simply put, they are good at what they do and we love them for it. In recent years however, there has been a debate concerning two of Dell’s more popular models, which debate? The Alienware X51 vs Area 51 debate of course. These two machines go head-to-head almost every time and we are going to be comparing them so you can better decide for yourself.

What we need to get first is that these machines here mentioned are not what you would come across in just any hardware store. They were specifically made for gaming and what that means is that they are top specs in every way. Both machines feature an Intel Core i7 and anyone who knows about computers would immediately recognize that this is as fast as they come. That being said, the Area 51 possesses a processor which has 2 cores more than the Quad-Core present in its counterpart. Area 51 goes ahead to surpass Alienware X51 in Base cloak Speed, Max Boost Speed, L3 Cache and RAM.

Both Machines are highly network compliant as they both have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities. The Alienware X51 has more audio Jacks than the Area 51, and when it comes to weight, the Alienware X51 is remarkably lighter than Area 51.

- Intel Quad Core i5-6400 2 GHz Processor
- 8 GB DDR4 RAM Included; 16 GB Maxium
- 1 TB HDD Storage; Tray load DVD Drive (Reads and Writes to DVD/CD); 8 USB Ports
- Windows 10 Operating System
- Featuring the Intel Hexa Core i7-5820K Quad Core, up to 3.3 GHz processor
- 8 GB DDR4 Included; 16 GB Maximum
- 1 TB HDD Storage; Slot-Loading Dual Layer Blu-ray Reader (9.5mm)
- Windows 10 Operating System

Alienware X51 vs Area 51
It is obvious that when loaded up with work, the Alienware X51 will not out perform Area 51 and with good reason. Area 51 even though a strong rival was actually made as an upgrade to the first generation of Alienware gaming PCs so it has been packed with the latest tech. That is not to say that Alienware X51 does not have its triumphs. Users give Alienware X51 higher ratings in general due to the fact that it is more predictable and has gathered a nice following among gamers. So as far as the Alienware X51 vs Area 51 comparison goes, while Area 51 wins on paper, usage will be the ultimate determining factor.